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The Adjustable Bed, by Casper

Updated: May 31, 2023

Now that you've bought a brand new mattress, why not complete the set and purchase a new bed frame to complete the set?

If you haven't yet bought the perfect mattress for you, check out our top 10 best mattress comparison page.

Casper's Adjustable Bed

Enjoy watching TV in Bed? Or reading a book perhaps? You may have recently purchased one of Casper's award winning mattresses and looking for a complimentary bed frame.

If so, Casper's "The Adjustable Bed" may well be the perfect choice for you.

Being fully adjustable, you can change the position of both the head or the legs, depending on your preference.

As an added bonus, you can also adjust just one side of the mattress, so your partner can remain flat if need be.

Best of all, it's controlled via remote control, so no heavy lifting required.

Prices starts from £550 for a single bed and £650 for a double bed, purchase the perfect Casper bed now.

Whilst you're there, you can also purchase a Casper Headboard to complete the set!

Other bed styles are available of course, John Lewis stock wide ranging bed options is a great place to start.

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