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Top 5 Night Time Snacks

Updated: May 31, 2023

We’ve all heard of the term “food coma”, the urge to fall asleep after a big meal. Whilst we all enjoy a night time snack, eating heavy foods just before bed time can stop you from getting a full night’s sleep.

Healthy night time foods

However, when hunger strikes, that’s also a sure fire way to stop you from drifting off. So we’ve collated our favourite night time snacks that will leave you satisfied without ruining your sleep.

1. Warm Milk – Great thing with warm milk is that it’s filling enough to sate your grumbling stomach as well as warming on those cold winter nights. This one has the added bonus of bringing you back to your childhood.

2. Cereal – Is cereal best eaten as breakfast or a late night snack? The answer is probably both! The best thing with cereal is that it’s easy to make & doesn’t require any cooking. It also has the added benefit of being relatively light. Beware of the sugar content in some cornflakes, perhaps sugar free versions are best before bed.

3. Peanut butter on toast – The classic peanut butter sandwich is always a good option when you’re low on time or just want a snack to pass the time. You can add some jam to the combination for those who have a sweet tooth, but otherwise plain peanut butter is great on it’s own. Has the added bonus of providing a protein kick too.

4. Fruit Smoothie – The healthy option. Blend together fruit & veg such as spinach, frozen berries & perhaps an apple for sweetness. Experiment with your smoothie by including almond or oat milk or yogurt to thicken and get the perfect consistency.

5. Popcorn – For those that like to watch a late night movie or last episode of their TV series before bed. Premade popcorn brands litter the supermarket, so no need to make anything from scratch. Popcorn has the added benefit of being extremely light, so no

danger of being bloated and comes in all sorts of flavours. Be careful, popcorn is extremely moreish and you may struggle to put the bag down once you start!

Hope this gives you some inspiration for your late night snack, without compromising your nights sleep.

Happy snacking!


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