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Best Mattresses in the UK Review for 2023

Last updated: 15/07/2023

What's the best mattress in the UK? Which mattress should you buy? Not sure which is the best mattress for you?


There’s so much choice in the market at the moment, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Not to worry, here you’ll find the best mattresses in the UK.


With such a wide range of choices available, our best mattress comparison list provides a simple view of the best mattresses for you. Our comparison features memory foam, pocket spring, latex and hybrid mattresses.


Depending on your needs, whether you're a side sleeper, have bad back pain or require a firm or soft mattress you can find what you need.

Something for everyone; with a mix of luxury mattress options & more affordable options for those with a strict budget to help you decide which is the best mattress for you.

Should you prefer a more detailed guide of the best mattresses in the UK, we've got you covered.

We've spent time to test and review the best mattresses, all of which are available to buy online. We've ranked our favourite mattresses below, to allow for a much easier buying decision.

Best Mattress UK

1. Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress

A Medium Frim Hybrid Mattress With Cooling Properties

About Nectar Sleeps

Nectar Sleep provides award winning mattresses at affordable prices, making it one of the best mattresses in the UK.

Nectar Sleep previously focused exclusively on memory foam mattresses but have since expanded their offering to include Hybrid mattresses which combine the best of memory foam and pocket spring. 


Quality and service is at the heart of Nectar Sleeps, with all mattresses coming with several layers of memory foam for maximum comfort. Nectar have used advances in fabric technology to provide the “optimal level of firmness, coolness, breathability & comfort.” 

Nectar can be ordered online and comes in a box, which can be easily rolled out upon delivery. They also offer a 365 night trial, with a free return if you're not satisfied. This allows you to trial the mattress in all seasons; sticky summer nights to test it's cooling properties as well as chilly winter ones. They'll even pick up the mattress for free should you be unsatisfied.

Nectar warranty is a lifetime one. Whereas most mattress brands offer 10 years, Nectar's lifetime warranty means they'll repair or replace any faulty mattresses for as long as you own it. Nectar is truly built to last!

You'll also find a nice set of accessories available from Nectar, including memory foam pillows, bedding and bed frames. These can be purchased individually or via one of 5 Bundles Nectar offers.

Product Details

Price Range: 

£379 to £1,449

Mattress Type:


Trial & Warranty

365 night home trial | Forever Warranty


Free within 5 working days


  • Affordability yet quality

  • Polyester cooling cover to regulate temperature

  • Support foam for spinal alignment


Sizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King

Depth: 25cm

Firmness: Medium

Best UK Mattress

Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress

Save 60% for any Nectar Essential mattress on any size 

Offering you the best of both worlds, the Nectar Hybrid combines the highest quality foams with the best pocket springs in the country.

Now from:


Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress is a great all round mattress which provides a luxury comfort feel without the luxury prices.

Nectar's Hybrid mattresses are designed to offer more responsive support with a 15cm base of high gauge springs, which is then topped with 2 layers of premium foam for a softer feel. 

This mattress is rated as medium firmness, the most popular option for customers as it generally provides the most comfort and support for the best sleep.

The mattress has 6 layers of support; 

1. Positioning base material keeping your mattress in the correct place so it doesn't move from your bed frame.

2. Supportive base with spring support in the areas you need it.

3. Encapsulated springs which 600 in number and individually wrapped to give breathable, responsive comfort.

4. Dynamic support layer made from breathable foam helping regulate body temperature.

5. Pressure relieving memory foam that provides comfort and support where your body needs it most.

6. Quilted cooling cover designed to draw heat away from your body and circulate fresh air with every move you make.


The memory foam layers at the top relieve common pressure points beneath your shoulders, hips and legs for better spinal alignment - for any body type. This is a common complaint about mattresses, sometimes waking as though you've had a work out or with general stiffness. 

Have a partner who tosses and turns at night? Not to worry, Nectar Hybrid Mattress minimises motion transfer, meaning if your partner moves the whole mattress doesn't rock or move. Meaning a better nights sleep for all.

The cooling properties also have a massive impact during those hot summer nights. All Nectar mattresses have nonstop airflow, helping to regulate temperature meaning you'll never feel like you're sleeping in a sauna again.

The great thing about Nectar generally is the wide range of mattresses they have, without confusing you with hundred of variants.


They broadly have 2 mattress types on offer - Memory Foam and Hybrid. Alongside that, they have 6 mattress bundles which allow you to combine your mattress purchase with memory foam pillows, luxury duvet covers, bed frames (including Ottomans) and mattress protectors. 

We recommend the Nectar Platform Bundle where you can purchase a memory foam mattress, platform bed, mattress protector, bedding set, duvet and 2 pillows for just £920.20 for a king size. Great value.

Generally, price wise, Nectar is really competitive for the quality it provides - quality doesn't always have to break your bank balance.


They also regularly run offers and discounts, on occasion up to 60% off selected mattresses and always with free delivery. And with their 365 night trial offer, you can trial for a whole year before truly committing. 

2. Simba Hybrid® Luxe Mattress

Sleep longer, deeper and cooler with Simba Hybrid Luxe

About Simba Sleep

Simba Sleep is one of the best rates mattresses in the UK, with over 250,000 five star reviews from customers.

Simba have a long history of making their own mattress, starting as a family run business as mattress designers supplying threads to the trade, transitioning to selling direct to customers. With Simba, you're in safe hands.

Simba began creating their own mattresses in 2002, combining both high quality foam with springs to create high-tech mattresses that are affordable and adapts to your body for exceptional support.

Similar to Nectar, Simba Sleep offers a range of mattresses designed to meet needs across the board. Their offering changes depending on the thickness and number of layers you're looking for.

Mattresses can be ordered online, coming in a box which can be easily rolled out and ready to use from day one. Like Nectar Sleeps, they also offer a trial period of 200 nights, giving you enough time to test the mattress. All mattresses also come with 10 year guarantee

Want to spread the cost of your new mattress rather than paying in one go? Simba offers finance options, allowing you to spread the cost over 4 years - without paying a penny more. They also allow you to pay nothing for the first year should you wish.

Simba also offer a suite of bedding products, beds as well as bundled offerings if you want a complete revamp whilst saving money at the same time.

Product Details

Price Range: 

£947.40 to £1,439.40

Mattress Type:


Trial & Warranty

200 night home trial | 10 year Warranty




  • Super strong patented Aerocoil springs

  • Simbatex foam for temperature control 

  • Breathable anti-allergy covers


Sizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King, EU Queen

Depth: 31cm

Firmness: Medium

Best Mattress in UK

Simba Hybrid® Luxe Mattress

Save 40% off Hybrid Luxe or 55% off selected mattresses

With a ground-breaking, back-cradling ELEVEN layers of sleep indulgence, meet Simba's most advanced and luxurious mattress yet The Hybrid® Luxe 

Now from:


Simba Luxe Hybrid Pro is described as their most advanced mattress yet, for good reason.

The mattress thickness is an impressive 31cm, making it one of the thicker mattresses on the market. To put that into context the Simba Hybrid mattress is 25cm and even Nectar Premier Hybrid Mattress (their own premium version) comes in at 28cm. Make no mistake, the Simba Luxe Hybrid Pro is a premium mattress.

The assumption is it would be accompanied with premium prices, but coming in at £947.40 for a single mattress and £1,439.40 for a king size, it's considerably cheaper when comparing this mattress to other "premium" mattresses on the market. It's worth noting Simba regularly has offers on their site, so check their website for the latest deals.

The firmness of the mattress is medium and they're (rightly) proud of the uses of different materials and technology used to create such a fine product. 

Simba have their own patented materials such as Aecocoil Springs, which are super strong providing additional support and their innovative SupportCore base allowing them to utilise 61% less foam, helping the environment in the process. 

This mattress has an impressive 11 layers of support:

1. Simba Regen Base layer delivering unrivalled stability

2. No Roll-off SupportCore base up to 1,000 durable barrel springs to provide firm support right up to the sides

3. Three Layers of Aerocoil Springs for maximum comfort and minimum size.

4. Certipur Stability Layer providing structure and stability, whilst also facilitating airflow

5. Two Layers of Titanium Aerocoil 4,000 more springs featuring 13 zones of differing resistance levels for extra cushioning

6. Simbatex Foam allows for more elasticity and 30x more airflow for pitch perfect temperature control

7. Antibacterial Bamboo a blend of breathable bamboo and super soft wool as an extra anti-allergy layer

8. Breathable, Anti-allergy Covers a soft, knitted sleep surface keeps your mattress fresh and cool

A lot of effort has gone into making this mattress as luxurious and comfortable as possible. The anti-allergy covers zips off for washing, meaning they'll be as fresh as you need them to be, whilst also having the added benefit of having an inner cover which protects the mattress.

Whilst the Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress is luxurious, it's also sustainable, with all Simba's mattresses 100% recyclable and from 2023 they reduced their foam use by 68%. Without diminishing quality.

Generally Simba Sleeps has a wide range of offers outside of the premium Hybrid Luxe Mattress. Their original Simba Hybrid range is their "most loved" and starts from £449.40 for the Simba Essential or the Simba Hybrid Pro which starts from £695.40.

Simba also features more sizes than most of it's rivals, with the inclusion of European sizes in Single, Double and Queen, as well as the usual Single to Super King offered by others. 

(European sizes tend to be slightly longer than UK sizes but with the same width)

As with Nectar, savings can be had with their bundles, our personal favourite is the simple Simba Hybrid Sleep Bundle. This includes their Hybrid Mattress, Hybrid Duvet and 2 Hybrid Pillows, which comes in at £918.45 for the double size.


Simba Sleep also offers pure memory foam mattresses should you prefer. Using their own Simbatex Foam technology, this mattress range tends to be cheaper, starting at £399 for the Essential Foam product and features 3 layers instead of the 11 layers which feature in the Simba Hybrid Luxe Pro.

3. Emma Premium Mattress

Comfort and support with Emma Premium Mattress

About Emma Sleep

Emma are one of the UK's best selling mattresses and has been in operation in the UK since 2015, after starting in Frankfurt, Germany.

Similar to Nectar and Simba, Emma offers both Hybrid and Memory Foam mattresses, with the memory foam mattress range Emma Original significantly cheaper than it's counterparts.


Emma's mission is to help people understand the importance of sleep and "combine world class German engineering together with UK manufacturing". A winning formula

Emma's mattress range is smaller in number, with less options than others but still with quality options and variety. They have 3 main mattress types on offer; Luxe Cooling Mattress, Premium Mattress and Original Mattress range.

Emma offers a 200 night trial with a 10 year guarantee, similar to Simba's offer. It also comes with free delivery, with 1 week lead times.

Whilst the mattress offering has been simplified, they also offer other products most mattress manufacturers don't - Sofa Beds, Divan Beds and Ottomans.

Product Details

Price Range: 

£359 to £652

Mattress Type:


Trial & Warranty

200 night home trial | 10 year Warranty


Free within 1 week


  • Competitive prices, cheaper than rivals

  • Old mattress removal

  • Cooling, stable mattress


Sizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King, EU Single, EU Double, EU Queen

Depth: 25cm

Firmness: Medium

Emma Premium Hybrid Mattress

Emma Premium Mattress

Save 60% for any Nectar Essential mattress on any size 

Comfort and support come together in one of the best mattresses in the UK. Full body support, hybrid design with 5 zone support.

Now from:


Emma Premium Mattress provides the best of both mattress worlds, pocket springs for support, topped with memory foam for maximum comfort.

Unlike other premium mattresses, Emma Premium Mattress is a lot cheaper, priced at a similar level to other suppliers mid range mattresses.

This mattress is rated as medium firmness, 5.5 out of 10 according to Emma, offering full body support and comfort.

The mattress has 6 layers of support; 

1. High Resiliency Extra base foam that keeps your spine aligned in any sleeping position

2. Pocket springs across 5 different zones (head, shoulders, lower back, thighs and feet) for full body support

3. Foam layer that relieves pressure and reduces motion transfer

4. Viscoelastic memory foam which adapts and moulds itself to the shape of your body for targeted spinal alignment

5. Point Elastic Airgocell technology enhances breathability and regulates temperature

6. The Emma UltraDry breathable cover for temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking, also easy to remove and wash

As with Simba Sleeps, Emma has used advanced technology to create their own patented materials for ultimate comfort. For example, the memory foam used in the Emma Premium Mattress, Viscoelastic is unique to Emma and is designed to relieve pressure and provide body hugging comfort.

The stability offered by the 6 layers of support mean motion transfer isn't as much of a worry here, with their High Resiliency Extra foam helps to reduce mattress movements throughout the night. Very similar to the Nectar Hybrid Mattress discussed above.

The mattress cooling properties mirror most mattress suppliers on the UK market, and again Emma have created their own Point Elastic Airgocell technology which regulates temperature by absorbing sweat so that rising temperatures don't disturb your sleep.

The Emma Premium Mattress comes in a box, which can be easily rolled out and with free delivery which you can expect 1 week from purchase.


The rest of Emma's mattress range compromises of their Luxe Cooling Mattress which is their most premium mattress and slightly more expensive but still extremely competitive when comparing vs other mattresses on the UK market. As the name suggests, it's claim to fame is it's cooling properties with the use of their innovative ThermoSync technology which is designed to help you sleep better and faster. 

There's also the Emma Original Mattress, their standard memory foam mattress, which is their cheapest product, for those who prefer pure memory foam mattresses. 

Price wise, Emma Mattresses represent great value and definitely worth considering.


For additional savings, similar to Nectar and Simba Sleeps they also provide Bundled products. However, Emma's offering tends to be more comprehensive with the inclusion of an Ottoman Bedroom Set and a Value Buy Bedroom Set.

Emma also offers a range of beds as well as Sofa Beds, which most mattress manufacturers don't offer.

4. Lola Natural 1500 Mattress

UK Manufactured Sustainable Mattresses from Lola Sleep

About Lola Sleep

Lola Sleep are a relatively new mattress supplier, although their founders started in the industry in 1970!

UK manufactured in a sustainable and eco friendly way, Lola represents an affordable yet quality option.

Unlike Nectar and Simba, Lola offers mixture of mattress types including pocket spring and hybrid models. Through the Lola Sleeps website, you can also shop by mattress firmness - most suppliers tend to offer the standard medium firm option preferred by most.

Lola Sleeps has 6 different mattress types, giving you plenty of choice, whilst mainly remaining lower priced than most competitors. 

Lola Sleeps mattress range includes their Light Mattress which is their pure memory foam mattress made from 2 different types of foam and the Lola Cool Hybrid Mattress, which features 1000 full sized pocket springs, making it slightly firmer than medium - an in between option.

Lola offers a slightly lower trial of 100 nights with only a year guarantee on some mattresses, with just a 1 year guarantee on their Light Mattress. Delivery is free however It also comes with a 2 man delivery team attended, lead times between 3-5 working days.

Product Details

Price Range: 

£329 to £549

Mattress Type:

Pocket Spring

Trial & Warranty

100 night home trial | 10 year Warranty


Free within 1 week


  • Competitive prices, cheaper than rivals

  • Orthopaedic mattress for back pain

  • Firm mattress for extra support


Sizes: Single, Double, King, Super King, 

Depth: 27cm

Firmness: Firm

Lola Sleeps Hybrid Mattress

Lola Natural 1500 Mattress

Save up to 50% with Lola Sleep Mattresses

Made up from 1500 Pocket Springs and Wool Fillings it offers unbeatable pressure relief and cushioning that will ensure you get the correct spinal alignment and reduce back pain.

Now from:


Lola Natural 1500 mattress is a pocket spring mattress with 1500 springs making this a firmer mattress than most on this review. 

Comfort has also been factored in, with the added benefit of wool fillings included which means it offers great pressure relief and cushioning in equal measure. The benefits of this is it ensures you get the correct spinal alignment and helps reduce back pain.

The price of this Lola Natural 1500 mattress is really attractive, with offers, a double mattress can be picked up for approx. £399, meaning it's a lot cheaper than most mattresses in the UK.

This mattresses firmness is rated as 8 out of 10, with most medium firm mattresses sitting at approx. 5.5 out of 10, so this provides a great alternative for those looking for a more solid mattress to sleep on.

Firmer mattresses benefits include:

1. Back pain support for those who suffer from pain when sleeping

2. Distribution of weight distributing your body weight across the mattress

3. Natural alignment of the spine relieving painful pressure points

As expected with a firmer pocket spring mattress, the Lola Natural 1500 mattress tends to be slightly thicker than hybrid at 27cm but still not as thick as premium Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress which is an impressive 31cm.

The wool fillings is a comforting aspect, adding softness to the orthopaedic support a firm mattress provides.

Should you want a pocket spring mattress but slightly less firm, they also have the Lola Platinum 1000 mattress, which has 1000 springs and whilst still firmer than most hybrid mattresses, is rated as 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Lola Sleep's also has a hybrid and memory foam offering, such as the Lola Cool Hybrid Mattress, which is more like the Emma Hybrid Mattress or Simba Hybrid offerings given it's cooling properties allowing airflow through the mattress.

One thing missing from Lola's overall offering is bundled products which are available through the likes of Nectar, Emma and Simba. They do however have bed options, such as Divan Beds and Ottomans, which can be customised for colour and material.

Lola's mattresses do come with a removable and washable cover however, ensuring your mattress is always fresh.

Lola Sleep's sustainable credentials is an added bonus, as well as manufacturing in a sustainable and eco friendly way, they'll also recycle your old mattress. Alongside a 2 man delivery team, you won't have to lift a finger!

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