Top 5 Best Sofa Brands in the UK for 2020

Looking for a new sofa and not sure where to begin?


Our look at the top 5 sofa brands on the UK market will help simplify the process slightly.

When purchasing a new sofa, there's loads of places to start.

You could begin looking by sofa type (corner sofa? 3 seater sofa? armchairs?) or by material (leather vs fabric) and that's before you begin the thorny issue of price!

Why not start with the brand? The UK is blessed with a number of Sofa manufactures & suppliers, with varying prices & styles.


Once you've narrowed down the brand you like most, you can then decide on style, fabric type, colour etc. for your perfect sofa.

Top 5 Best Sofa Brands in the UK for 2020

Looking for a new sofa? Not sure which type you want? Which material to go for? Which brand or manufacturer?

Buying a sofa online can be difficult.

There’s so many different things to consider when buying a brand new sofa – colour, style, fabric – it’s a lot to take in.

One way of starting your search is by brand.

With so many Sofa companies, stocking a range of the best UK sofa’s, it’s often a good starting point. From a standard family sofa sets to large corner sofa’s, our top 5 sofa companies list has it all.

We’ve collated a list of the best sofa companies.

Looking for a stylish / designer looking sofa without the designer price tags? Look no further than work with closely with factories & furniture makers here in the UK & around the world, to bring you the highest quality UK sofa’s on the market.’s sofa offering is vast, with over 500+ of their own brands, they cater for all styles & needs. You’ll see from their best sofa lists, they stock funky modern designs, bringing your living room to life.


The average cost of a sofa sits around the £500 mark, as opposed to similar looking sofa’s costing closer to £1,000 in the UK.


As an example, this 3 seater sofa, with wooden legs & mainly polyester fabric would cost £599. Compare that with Snug’s 3 seater with similar materials coming in at £899.

Of course, you get what you pay for, however with the care that goes into’s sofa’s, you’re getting quality and a reasonable price.





How are able to supply quality sofa’s at such affordable prices?

Well, as well as their own in-house design team, work directly with furniture makers, suppliers & independent designers.


This means no middlemen, straight from the source, with that cost saving being passed on to the customer. also works with suppliers around the world and their fairer factories policy means they ensure the highest quality and care, for both sofa’s and workers.

Working with furniture makers in places like Vietnam, Indonesia & India, mean bringing their own unique styles & quality with them but the brand still has a very modern, British feel. Which is why they are amongst the best sofa’s in the UK.

With a high emphasis on design & quality, produce their products as orders come in, not the other way around.


Producing small quantities of each product your sofa be relatively unique to you and your home.


It also allows to be more experimental & react to customer needs a lot quicker, bringing you closer to the designers & suppliers.

Despite that,’s clearance section allows for customers to pick up even bigger bargains, without compromising on quality.


For those with a slightly higher budget, Loaf sofa’s is a great way to go.

Loaf are on a mission; they make “laid back furniture for people to really kick off their shoes and lead happier, more relaxed lives”. We can all get on board with this.

Whilst sofa’s are Loaf’s main offering, their mission to create a relaxed home environment extends to the best mattress, coffee tables & wardrobes too.



Much like, Loaf sofa’s have a modern style with bright colours & the use of modern fabrics.

Loaf sofa’s are all UK made, with their in house team of designers & furniture makers, championing British craftmanship. Whilst this isn’t a guarantee of quality, it does mean Loaf have more control on production & supply.

As well as a higher price, Loaf’s sofa’s also provide top of the range quality. As an example, Loaf uses a hard wood frame, whereas cheaper manufactures use softer woods.


Loaf also provide a 10 year frame guarantee, such is their confidence in their quality – cheaper alternatives will generally offer 12 months frame guarantee. 


Loaf also use springs for sofa support versus elastic webbing used by alternative options. Loaf is the long term sofa option, you really do get what you pay for sometimes!

Shop Loaf Sofas




Loaf’s chilled & relaxed mission statement extends to the funky sofa names they’ve picked out including the Bear Hug Sofa, the Crumpet Sofa & Cinema Sofa.

Prices for Loaf sofa’s vary from £949 for a Cupcake armchair to £4,000 for a large Floppy Jo corner sofa at the higher end.

They also have a clear out section for the bargain hunters, where you’ll find some sofa’s reduced by up to £1,500.

Become a Loafer today!

John Lewis & Partners

If brand is to be the determining factor in buying the best sofa for you, you’ll struggle to find many UK sofa brands which are more synonymous with quality than John Lewis.

There are other heritage sofa brands around, none of which have the same size & presence. As an example, John Lewis stocks 67 different sofa ranges, catering for all need and households.





John Lewis produces their own sofa’s, with their House by John Lewis collection proving amongst the most popular, as well as stocking other brands such as Loaf & Parker Knoll & Sofi.

Prices for John Lewis sofa’s are in the mid tier range, averaging around the £700 mark. Given 67 different sofa ranges available, there are a few collections which fall into the more affordable price point.


As an example, the Oliver range starts from £199 and has 23 different sofa’s available, although most of this range sit around the £800 mark.

As well as being generally reasonably priced, John Lewis also have a “more of what you love for less” section – continuing with their “never knowingly undersold” slogan.


The great thing about the sale items on the John Lewis website is that it’s across all Sofa products, increasing the chance of picking up a high quality bargain!

















As an added bonus, you’re also able to create your own Sofa, making it bespoke to you and your home.

The process is simplified too; first select your desired sofa style from 227 different Sofa’s and then begin editing to your specifications. You have the choice of 8 different sofa sizes & 100s of fabric types.

As an example, this small Bailey 2 seater sofa with saga grey fabric and light wood legs, coming in at £699.00.


You have the option to change this sofa into a large 2 seater sofa, saga mustard fabric & dark wood legs.

This increases the price to £849.00 & puts your stamp on it.

Most John Lewis sofa’s are available with within 7 days (customised options may take longer) and with free delivery.

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